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Post Grant Proceedings
Post Grant ProceedingsProviding intellectual property services both nationally and internationally

Post Grant Proceedings

With the right legal representation, you can rest well knowing you’re in good hands

Protecting your IP is not always a one-stop process, and when you need legal counsel and representation to ensure the validity of your granted IP, Dodd Call Black can help. We can challenge a competitor’s patent as well as protect you against these types of challenges through: Inter Partes Review, Ex Parte Reexamination, Post-Grant Review, and Covered Business Methods.

Our fast-paced, economically-driven world has created opportunities for change to existing intellectual property laws, one of which has been the America Invents Act (AIA), enacted in 2011. This overhauled the patent laws and how we deal with filing, review, and disputes regarding issued patents. The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) handles the formal processes of obtaining IP protection for patents and trademarks, as well as regular reviews, appeals, and other issues. The Patent Trial & Appeals Board (PTAB) oversees what are known as “inter partes” reviews and post-grant reviews for patent petitioners, and when you’re involved in these proceedings, it’s important that you hire an experienced intellectual property attorney.

Since these laws are complex and can change over time, knowing the ins and outs of the patent process is unrealistic for the average creative professional. A good patent grant review law firm will be able to guide you through the proper steps in order to defend your patent or challenge a competitor’s patent. Attention to detail and aggressive filing strategies can put you ahead of the competition, and with the right legal representation, you can rest well knowing you’re in good hands, in and out of the courtroom.

When you need expert advice on your intellectual property, your current or pending patents, or upcoming patent appeals or reviews, reach out to us at Dodd Call Black. Prior to beginning any work, we offer a free consultation where we review your situation and help you determine the best path forward. We then provide you with an estimate that includes the total cost of the services you need.