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IP Portfolio Management and Valuation
IP Portfolio Management and ValuationProviding intellectual property services both nationally and internationally

IP Portfolio Management and Valuation

You can count on us to fairly evaluate your IP, and manage your portfolio with tenacity

Whether you’re a brand-new startup, or an established corporation, it can be hard to stay on top of your intellectual property (IP) assets and in-house data. Since there are so many different aspects of business that can be safeguarded under IP law, it’s critical to keep your portfolio up-to-date and secure. Things like your logo, product renderings, facility blueprints, sales strategies, and all original work should be continually assessed and valued, so you know where your company stands in the marketplace. This is a complex and recurring process, and only a qualified IP attorney can take command of such a project.

When you want your enterprise to grow in a sustainable way, hire a professional to manage your IP portfolio. Dodd Call Black can create a customized and comprehensive IP strategy that includes both: patent mining for your portfolio expansion, and monitoring of your competitors for potential infringement of your patents and trademarks.

Filing legal protection for your designs, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets is only the beginning. Regular updating and assessing should take place, to find areas for improvement and pave the way for sustainable growth for your enterprise. It’s important to review your IP portfolio, in order to estimate its value, and also to eliminate weak spots in legal coverage, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. Turning your innovations into patentable rights is a key part of building a successful business, and a seasoned IP law firm can provide a more accurate valuation and protection strategy than anyone else can.

Here at Dodd Call Black, we understand the challenges of modern commerce. You can count on us to fairly evaluate your IP, and manage your portfolio with tenacity. Prior to beginning any work, we offer a free consultation where we review your situation and help you determine the best path forward. We then provide you with an estimate that includes the total cost of the services you need.