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Intellectual Property
Intellectual PropertyProviding intellectual property services both nationally and internationally

Intellectual Property

When you want a tenacious and knowledgeable IP law firm, come to Dodd Call Black

The modern marketplace is more competitive than ever, with millions of individuals vying for self-made success. Brand new start-ups emerge every single day, each with a new, unique product or service to share with the world. So, what sets apart the companies that thrive? Beyond good marketing and initial funding, having a solid legal strategy is key in building a long-term lucrative enterprise. When you are passionate about a particular idea or design, it’s critical that you take the steps necessary to secure it for your own use. This is why if you have a idea, invention, or brand that is worth protecting you should contact the experienced Salt Lake City intellectual property law attorneys at Dodd Call Black law firm.

Intellectual property (IP) is a term used to describe the fruits of mental labor, and typically covers things inventions, brand names, logos, creative works, and the like. Using different legal strategies, you can preserve the results of your effort and innovation, so you can create a profitable business. Whether you have invented a new device, crafted a unique piece of artwork, or designed a groundbreaking technology, don’t sit back and assume that it’s yours; hire a good intellectual property law attorney here in Salt Lake City to help you protect your creation!

When growing your business, it’s important that you work with a professional intellectual property law attorneys to build an IP portfolio and create a comprehensive IP strategy that protects your interests and secures your long-term growth. Our team at Dodd Call Black can help you manage your designs and ideas, as well as monitor your competitors for possible infringement.

Depending on the type of intellectual property you have, you may be eligible to file for a trademark, copyright, or patent. Furthermore licensing, transactional, and international considerations may be taken into account as well. When you want a tenacious and knowledgeable IP law firm that understands local Utah and Salt Lake City intellectual property law as well as national and international regulations, come to Dodd Call Black. Prior to beginning any work, we offer a free consultation where we review your situation and help you determine the best path forward. We then provide you with an estimate that includes the total cost of the services you need.