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Branding 101: 3 Tips for Creating a Distinctive Trademark

Branding 101: 3 Tips for Creating a Distinctive Trademark

Trademarks are the brand name, logo, or slogan which represents a company. Trademarks are a form of intellectual property, and in order to best protect them, they need to be legally registered and made as distinguishing as possible. To help customers remember your brand, and to establish your company as an authority in your industry, it is important to create a distinctive and unique trademark, and here’s how.

  1. Make the first word in your trademark the most distinctive: If you are creating a new slogan or brand name, you want the first word to stand out the most. While the inclusion of generic words (green, gold, superior, etc.) may be necessary to some degree, these words should never be at the forefront of the trademark. One way to do this is using invented words. Companies like Kodak Cameras and ExxonMobil use invented words to create a memorable and unique brand name. Many companies also find success using an animal or plant name as the first word, in addition to their logo, such as Apple Computers or Tiger Direct.
  2. Avoid three-letter acronyms and numbers: Unlike colorful words and expressions, acronyms and numbers are less memorable and can easily be confused with another company’s acronym. Big corporations like IBM and AT&T poured millions of dollars into making their acronym famous, but this may not be the solution for you, especially if you run a small business.
  3. Do not use purely descriptive words: While you may sell cold beer or hard cider, you cannot use these words as the trademark, since they describe exactly what the product is being sold. This would also infringe on other brewer’s ability to use cold or beer to describe their malt beverage. Using words like this can also become confusing, since other companies may sell the same product as you, so try to find words that are descriptive, yet inherently unique to your product or service.

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